Green Growth

Real-time yield mapping platform.

Works on every combine-harvester and presents comprehensive data about the field yield.
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Green Growth
it is a software and hardware-based solution consisted of a set of sensors, combined in a single infrastructure. Data is collected during the harvest and is presented in a form of heat-map: yield data from every acre of a field.
Green Growth
Example of the yield vizualization after harvesting. Green areas show high yield, and yellow and red areas - low yield

20$ economy from each hectare

Lowering costs


Agrochemical field analysis


Field configuration

Seed suppliers

Field yield
Working hours
Installation and operating principle
  1. Computation module installs near the driver cabin and connects to the machine voltage
  2. Optical sensor installs on the clean grain elevator
  3. External GPS antenna is placed on the harvester roof
  4. All components connect with the cables which come in the package
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